About me

In this era we are exposed to million of images every second, they travel so fast that an image can say more than a hundred words! And is so true that food is savour first through the eyes!

My relationship with food styling and food photography started in 1999, working at Chelsea Market Baskets in New York City. I was assigned to create the product catalogue for this company I used to work. Three days of shooting at this unique space, a wine cellar at basement in Chelsea Market. A Swedish photographer his assistant and me creating beautiful images. Since that moment i was caught in the magic of the whole experience, even though i didn’t know that many years after I will discover my real passion!

Time went through and life made me explore many segments of the culinary field.

Around 2004 in Guatemala City I was hired to work as an assistant in the production of a Central American cookbook. I had the opportunity to be more closely to the production, doing the research, standardizing recipes and helping with the photo shoots. I really loved the experience. Every picture told a story. Every recipe “reflected” the heritage of centuries, cultural fusion and flavour blending as the final result.

But it was until 2008 that my photographer friend Alan Benchoam pushed me and encouraged me to do this job professionally. Since then I started the adventure as a food stylist. Learning, training and taking every project as a challenge.

The culinary field is one the broadest, I have had the opportunity to explore some of it, and at the end I got to the conclusion that food in general is my passion but food styling is my nirvana!

Work Experience

Food Stylist-Food Photographer current date
Lapau Catering Gourmet Nov. 2017 - current date

owner-Catering service

Hamburguesas del Puente Jan. 2016 - current date

Recipe Development

Pops Ice Cream Feb. 2015 -

Recipe Developer for new projects

PT's Coffee (Kansas)
Satori Bar

Menu development

Universidad Rafael Landívar

Full time teacher for Hotel and Restaurant Management

Restaurante Kakao

Restaurant Consulting and Image change

Café Capeuleu

Recipe development -coffee recipes

Canela y Tangelo (gourmet products)
Taxi Magazine

Writer -Culinary and Food Section


Edition and Recipe research for book project-Central American Food.

Restaurantes Porai, Tapas y Cañas, y Tabú

Menu development, Restaurant Planning overall. Menu Design, Recipe development and costing, Kitchen Planning.

Restaurante Paragon (Quito, Ecuador)

Pre and post opening. Menu and kitchen Design


Food and Still Life Photography One on One Workshop Jan. 2017

An intensive one on one workshop with the talented spanish photographer Luisa Morón in Malaga, Spain.

On on One Food Styling workshop (N.Y.) Feb. 2017

by James Peterson (photographer and cookbookwriter) and Laura Knoop (food stylist), www.jimcooks.com, www.laurieknoop.com

Food Styling and Food Photography

Institute of Culinary Education

B.A. Food Marketing (Cum Laude)

Johnson & Wales University (Providence, Rhode Island, E.E.U.U.)

B.A. Food Service Management (Cum Laude)

Johnson & Wales University (Providence, Rhode Island, E.E.U.U.)

A.A.A. Culinary Arts (Cum Laude)

Johnson & Wales University (Providence, Rhode Island, E.E.U.U.)