Recipe Development

Each project has its own challenges, but in the end the diversity of each one inspires me to create recipes that provide my clients with an increase in sales and the ability to stay at the forefront on each segment of the food industry.

Hamburguesas del Puente

I got to know this hamburger chain by doing foodstyling work for them. Eventually I was hired to develop a hamburger that will be launched as a special promotion at the end of the year. Next we develop recipes to put a twist on your chicken sandwiches. The challenge of this job is a combination of innovating, maintaining the quality of its products and staying in line with the products that the brand offers. It has been a project that I personally like because I had never worked for a fast food restaurant chain before.

Ice Cream POPS Guatemala

When you grow up with an ice cream parlor in your memory, it is a dream to be asked to work for it. Smells from my childhood and fond memories were the inspiration to develop all the specials for one year of this ice cream shop! The challenge was to use the same flavors and ingredients that were already used in the original recipes just giving them a creative twist with the use of sauces developed just for this project. We develop parfaits, shakes, recipes for the website and recipes for the institutional catalog. All of this work resulted in a significant increase in sales for that year! At the same time we took pictures for the institutional catalog and for a sister brand for its promotion!

PT’S coffee Kansas City, MO.

Jeff Taylor, owner of one of the 10 most recognized coffee roasters in the USA, visited the El Socorro coffee farm in Guatemala like every year, on that occasion he tried one of the quiches from my catering and fell in love with it! That same night he called me to ask if he wanted to develop the menu for a café that he just acquired. Thus began the menu development for his cafe. This time I developed all the recipes and moved to Kansas City to train the cafe staff how to prepare all these recipes, empanadas (hand pies), quiches, brownies, blondies and scones. The challenge… many, like the size of the kitchen and the training of the staff! But the experience was unmatched as the operation was heaven for connoisseurs of good coffee in a friendly environment that was very different for me.

Satori Bar

A friend challenged me to design a menu for a lounge bar inspired by Asian themes. The menu we developed was sushi and easy-to-eat snacks. The rolls, dips with satori chips (today wonton chips lapau), and crunchy chips accompanied the lounge for many to enjoy good music in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Rafael Landivar University

Professor at the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program

Kakao Restaurant

Image change and event advisor

Café Capeuleu

Recipe development using coffee

Canela y Tangelo (gourmet products)

Founder, recipe development, sales and promotion.
Website developer, new products development

Taxi Magazine - Guatemala

Culinary Column contributor

Central American Cookbook: “Colores y Sabores de Centroamerica”

(flavors and colors from Central America)
created for TACA Airlines, Guatemala
Research and food styling assistant

Menu and Planning for the opening Restaurants (Porai , Tapas y Cañas, Tabú)

Menu Design, Recipe Development, Cost Control, Equipment and Kitchen Design